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Prevent Outages and Disruptions

With orchestration and automation built in, Zerto prepares your organization for all disruptions, whether they’re planned maintenance or unplanned natural disasters.

The Real Cost of IT Outages and Disruptions

In today’s always-on organization, end-users and customers depend completely on IT infrastructures that are up and running 24/7. Yet despite datacenter advancements made over the last few years, many IT teams still face downtime that can last anywhere from a short period to days.

Handle Every IT Disruption—Both Planned and Unplanned

In today’s always-on world, end-users and customers expect IT infrastructures to work 24/7. Yet, as much as companies strive to avoid them, outages and disruptions are a part of IT life.

Many IT teams still face downtime that lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days—costing the organization hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, disruptions happen, but Zerto can help you prepare for and manage them.

Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) provides always on protection replacing traditional scheduling, helping you move or recover workloads to just seconds before any disruption.

Automate and Orchestrate Recovery

With no manual steps needed, you can rest assured your recovery is being handled in the background, down to the second.

Easy Failover Testing

With failover and failback in only three clicks, you can quickly and simply recover when you need to.

Lowest RTOs / RPOs in the Industry

Zerto’s CDP is hypervisor-based, helping you avoid the usual performance penalty associated with snapshot-based data protection.

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