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Disaster Recovery and Backup in One Solution

It’s time to evolve your data protection strategy. Rewind, recover, and resume operations—all with one converged DR & Backup solution.

The Future of Backup: Continuous.

To handle the evolving demands of digital transformation, a backup strategy must feature continuous, journal-based protection. Here’s why…

More Resilient Together: Disaster Recovery + Backup from Zerto

Realizing the confidence that true IT Resilience brings has never been easier: Zerto’s replication software converges both disaster recovery and backup into one streamlined, comprehensive platform. Your organization can now experience the availability of Continuous Data Protection combined with the granularity of second-by-second Journal-Based Recovery—giving you the power to deliver the best customer experiences every time, all the time.

Continuous Data Protection

Protect against any disruption—planned or unplanned—and deliver an always-on customer experience featuring the lowest RPOs & RTOs in the industry.

Journal-Based Recovery

Rewind to any point in time—from the last 7 seconds to the last 7 years—all with nearly no data loss or downtime.

Zero Production Impact

With Zerto there are no snapshots, removing the performance impact on your production environment. Maintain 24/7 availability without compromising your performance.

Granularity within Seconds

Recover files, applications, VMs, or whole datacenters to a checkpoint mere seconds before an IT disruption or disaster—including a ransomware attack.