Disaster Recovery and Backup in One Platform | Zerto

One Simple Solution for Disaster Recovery and Backup

It’s time to evolve your Disaster Recovery. Rewind, resume and recover from any IT disaster or change — all to enhance your IT Resilience

The Future of Backup: Continuous.

To handle the evolving demands of digital transformation, a backup strategy must feature continuous, journal-based protection. Here’s why…

Combined for Resilience: Disaster Recovery + Backup

To realize true IT Resilience and be confident in your digital transformation strategy, Zerto’s replication software combines both disaster recovery and backup in one seamless, comprehensive platform. Organizations can now experience continuous data protection and application availability, empowering them to deliver an optimal customer experience in an 24/7, always-on world.

Elastic Journal: Unmatched flexibility

Rewind to any point in time with next to no data loss or downtime—from 7 seconds, 7 days, 7 months or 7 years.

Continuous Data Protection

Protect against any disruption, planned or unplanned, to deliver an always-on customer experience with the lowest RPOs & RTOs in the industry.

Granularity in Seconds

Recover files, applications, VMs or datacenters to a checkpoint just seconds before the IT change or disaster.

Zero Production Impact

Copy data as needed throughout the day, and avoid production impact and backing up in off-peak hours.