Zerto Virtual Replication for Microsoft Azure

The Most Powerful IT Resilience Solution for Microsoft Azure

Why Use Zerto Virtual Replication to Microsoft Azure?

Zerto Virtual Replication is the fastest growing and most effective recovery solution to Microsoft Azure.  Expanding on our industry-leading IT Resilience Platform™, Zerto is fundamentally changing the way companies protect their business by delivering a single solution for disaster recovery and workload mobility to, from, and between multiple clouds.  No other solution can simultaneously replicate VMs between Azure regions, on-premises datacenters, or other cloud platforms with multi-VM consistency groupings, any point-in-time recovery, and RPOs in seconds – making Zerto Virtual Replication the only IT Resilience solution for Microsoft Azure.


How it Works

Zerto Virtual Replication enables unrivaled workload mobility to, from, and between Azure, on premises datacenters, and over 350 other clouds. Utilizing Microsoft Azure native APIs, Zerto Virtual Replication moves workloads from Microsoft Azure to other platforms with automatic, on-the-fly VM conversion. Replication from Microsoft Azure supports failover, 30-day journal, Offsite Clone, and more!

Quickly install Zerto in your on-premises infrastructure in minutes with no production impact
Easily deploy ZVR in Microsoft Azure direct from the marketplace
Store replica and journal data as cost-effective blob storage
Create recovery VMs when needed, with pre-configured sizing and network, settings
Failover to Microsoft Azure with automatic reverse protection to on-premises
Create recovery VMs when needed, with pre-configured sizing and network, settings
Burst and expand on-demand as needed then migrate back to on-premises when ready

What are the Latest Updates to Zerto’s Azure Offering

Zerto is pioneering our way to become the industry standard for IT Resilience and disaster recovery in the public cloud.  The latest version of Zerto Virtual Replication empowers businesses to move workload seamlessly to, from, and between different Azure regions and other clouds.  Enhancements to our Azure offering means enterprises are now provided with a true public cloud to public cloud mobility solution:

Support for new Azure regions in China, Germany, and Azure Government
Improvements to disk size limitations allows companies to protect larger, more complex workloads in Azure
Protect workloads bi-directionally across disparate multi-site, multi-cloud environments
Accelerate business transformation and adapt to IT’s changing landscape
Protect your business from any disruption, planned or unplanned

For more information regarding the latest updates to our Azure offering, see the “Zerto Virtual Replication for Microsoft Azure datasheet”.

Cost-Effective, Enterprise-Class Protection and Recovery

The question is no longer if companies will adopt the cloud, but when.  Zerto makes your journey to the cloud easy and pain-free, helping organizations accelerate adoption of new technologies and embrace innovation.  The day-to-day cost of running in Microsoft Azure includes the Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA) and the cost effective Blob Storage for replica and journal data, making Zerto Virtual Replication the simplest and most cost-effective choice for protection and recovery to Azure.

One solution performing complex recovery automation empowers your resilience strategy
Protect any application across disparate infrastructures and cloud platforms
Workload mobility, no-impact DR testing, and granular point-in-time recovery provides unrivaled protection from any business disruption
Recovery from planned or unplanned outages and evolve with IT’s changing landscape

Azure Materials

First one to the cloud and back wins! Watch the webinar here. 
Download the Zerto Virtual Replication for Microsoft Azure Datasheet.
Find out how a global provider of online education leverages Zerto Virtual Replication for Azure for RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes. Download the case study.

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