Zerto to Enable Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Truly Platform-Agnostic Workload Protection and Mobility, Integrated with VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and Amazon Web Services

Boston, MA and Herzliya, Israel — August 20, 2014. Zerto, setting the standard for protection, recovery and migration of data in cloud and virtualized data centers, today announced Zerto Virtual Replication will offer support for Microsoft Hyper-V and replication to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Zerto will enable seamless flexibility and manageability of data and applications whether they reside on-premise, at any cloud service provider or on a combination of both, known as hybrid cloud. These updates represent Zerto’s continued creation of a new hybrid-cloud infrastructure layer called “Cloud Fabric,” which allows organizations to seamlessly move and protect virtualized workloads between clouds — across leading hypervisors such as VMWare ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V, and cloud providers including Peak 10, iLand, Veristor and Amazon.

Cloud Fabric connects any hypervisor, cloud or storage environment, providing full flexibility of applications and data, optimizing for cost, performance or service level agreement (SLA), without disruption to business continuity. Customers are able to select their IT infrastructure based on two very basic factors — service level and price — giving them full choice on their cloud environment.

“The ability to protect and mobilize production workloads between leading cloud providers and hypervisors is vital for providers and customers to avoid lock-in and allow them to choose the IT environment that fits their business needs. The addition of Hyper-V support and replication to AWS within Zerto Virtual Replication is the next step in making our Cloud Fabric vision a reality by empowering users with that IT infrastructure flexibility,” said Ziv Kedem, co-founder and CEO at Zerto.

“With Zerto Virtual Replication, we were able to migrate a customer to our cloud services platform in just 15 minutes and replicate applications to a new location with no disruption to the environment. The setup is very simple and does not require customers to change anything in their environments, increasing access to hybrid cloud,” said TG Tran, Platform Architect at Fujitsu.

“Workload portability allows customers to easily move and scale workloads between public and private clouds,” said Jay Waggoner, director of sales & business development, Cloud Services, at VeriStor. “Hybrid and heterogeneous cloud portability is something our customers have asked for and we are thrilled about the opportunity to bring this functionality to them. Zerto’s development of ‘Cloud Fabric’ for mobility of applications and data will allow us to broaden our capabilities and build on the already significant success that we have experienced with Zerto.”

“We believe that today’s incompatibility among different cloud and hypervisor providers will likely be replaced, initially by a cloud fabric model which brings additional abstraction, effectively eliminating the incompatibilities between different versions of hypervisors and cloud,” said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst at Taneja Group.  “In order to be ready for this hypervisor- and cloud-agnostic model, IT needs data protection and migration that is fully virtualized and cloud-ready today, and we believe that these features are the ones that will get IT there.”

Benefits of using Zerto Virtual Replication will include:

  • Hyper-V support in Zerto Virtual Replication will enable protection and replication between Hyper-V environments and cross hypervisor replication for mixed environments (VMWare to Hyper-V and Hyper-V to VMWare)
  • Protection and replication from on-premise to AWS public cloud so that end-users have access to applications and data in minutes
  • Ability to select infrastructure based on service level agreement and price
  • A new user interface to simplify workflows, as well as management and maintenance of BC/DR operations across growing environments

Zerto Virtual Replication and Cloud Fabric demos will be shown at VMworld 2014 booth #723.

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Zerto has developed a software-based platform for workload mobility, migration, protection and recovery in hybrid-cloud environments, allowing for seamless flexibility and manageability of applications whether they reside on-premise or in the cloud.   The company’s Cloud Fabric platform is based on the award-winning Zerto Virtual Replication software which has become the standard for protection, recovery and migration of data in cloud and virtualized data centers. For more information, please visit: https://www.zerto.com.

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