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This robust toolkit gives you valuable resources to help you take actionable steps to build and maintain a resilient IT infrastructure.


The Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0 Toolkit includes:

ZVR 6.0 Recorded Webinar – With the introduction of Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0, enterprises can now fully experience the true benefits that cloud technology has long promised. Listen to the recorded webinar where Senior Vice President of Product, Rob Strechay reveals Zerto’s Game-changing technology and get ready to solve for cloud with a single solution.

ZVR 6.0 Overview Datasheet –  Get an overview of the only IT resilience platform for disaster recovery, data protection and workload mobility to, from or between multiple clouds.

ZVR for Multi-Cloud – Understand the true potential of Multi-Cloud and hybrid cloud with the ability to migrate and protect application workloads to, from or between on-premises, public, private or managed cloud.

Azure Datasheet – Learn more about failback from Azure, Azure to Azure intra region replication and Azure to AWS bi-directional mobility.

AWS Datasheet – From AWS, Zerto Virtual Replication empowers you to fail back to on-premises and to migrate workloads to other public clouds.


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Overview video:


ZVR 6.0 Overview Datasheet
ZVR for Multi-Cloud 
Azure Datasheet
AWS Datasheet