WEBINAR: 5 Simple Steps to Replacing Your DR Site With Azure | Zerto

In this webinar we’ll show you just how easy it is to connect your VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments into Microsoft Azure, removing the need for you to host your own secondary DR site altogether! 5 simple steps is all it takes to begin your journey to the cloud, by utilizing the cost-effective storage and on-demand capacity of Azure to protect your data and applications.

With RPOs in seconds and RTOs in minutes, no snapshots, no performance impact and point-in-time recovery for up to 30 days, learn how with Zerto and Azure you can move beyond disaster recovery and embrace IT Resilience to the cloud. You will learn;

  1. What you need to install in your VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V environment to enable replication to Azure
  2. Networking requirements and options to connect your on-premises network to Azure
  3. What you need to install in Azure to enable recovery management, orchestration & automation
  4. Configuring the protection SLAs, Azure VM sizing & recovery settings for your VMs
  5. How to test failover and VM conversion to Azure with no downtime or impact to the replication

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