Upgrade from Guest-Based Replication to Zerto | Zerto

Guest/OS-Based Replication: Impossible to Scale

Guest based replication solutions create copies of VMs in a recovery site that can be utilized for disaster recovery. Replication does not include the ability to protect and recover using multi-VM consistency groupings, which adds significant overhead to production resources and limits scalability.

Zerto completely replaces guest-based replication solutions by continuously replicating and protecting VMs in consistency groupings from the hypervisor without using snapshots, making it efficient and scalable.

Upgrading to Zerto couldn’t be easier with installation in minutes and no impact on production.

Download the full comparison to see how these products stack up and find out more about upgrading now!


“The granularity of Zerto is incredibly valuable to our organization. The recovery process was taking 9 hours, and we were losing at least one hour of valuable data. With Zerto, in 15 minutes we were up and running with seconds of data loss”

– Senior VM/SAN Analyst ABN AMRO Clearing