The Evolution of Data Protection: From Legacy Backup to Continuous Data Protection - Zerto

Tired of periodic backups that don’t meet the availability demands of your agency? Worried about recovering quickly from an outage or ransomware? Concerned about your ability to prove you can recover during annual compliance audits? It’s time to rethink your backup strategy with continuous data protection.

Watch this webinar to learn how Zerto can help you execute your day-to-day data protection strategy and streamline the number of tools you need to do so. See firsthand how Zerto’s journal-based recovery, coupled with continuous replication recovers files, VMs, applications and entire data centers. Learn how you can quickly resume operations with the industry’s best RTOs and RPOs using Zerto.



Gijsbert Hanssen van Doorn
Director, Technical Marketing
Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn is the Director of Technical Marketing at Zerto with a focus on helping customers understand and adopt IT resilience. Before taking on the role as Director of Technical Marketing he spent 5 years working in the field as a Technology evangelist and a Systems Engineer. Prior to Zerto, Gijsbert was a Sales Engineer at Nexenta Systems supporting the sales of Software Defined Storage. Gijsbert has over 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure and has been involved in designing and implementing large IT infrastructures at both enterprises and large managed service providers.
Greg Butler
Systems Engineer

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