Solving for IT Resilience:Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, and Compliance Challenges | Zerto

As more and more companies begin to expand their digital presence, an increasing number of systems, workloads, and applications are becoming business-critical.  It is therefore required to ensure that these systems remain always available to customers and end-users. To keep up with this intense demand, enterprises must evolve beyond disaster recovery and embrace IT resilience, or the ability to accelerate transformation, adapt to change, and protect the business from disruptions.

But building a resilient environment isn’t something that happens overnight. These plans must be carefully crafted and designed with the unique needs of each company in mind.

If you’re interested to learn more about how Zerto can help you achieve IT Resilience, check out this infographic created by 451 Research below and see how Zerto can help evolve and meet the demands of today’s business needs.