Simplified Data Replication Software for VMware | Zerto

Data Replication Made Easy! Hypervisor-Based Replication:

Zerto Brings Simplified, Cost-Effective Data Replication Software to VMware Environments

Stop force-fitting physical DR onto your virtualization strategy! If you rely on physical DR for your virtual replication, you’ve got to deal with manual, complex processes in order to make it work.

With Hypervisor-based replication you get:

  • Ease of management
  • Server and storage motion
  • A hardware agnostic solution

Download our hypervisor-based replication white paper to learn about all the advantage of virtual-aware data replication & automated disaster recovery capabilities for VMWare vSphere.

“We virtualized our environment to better leverage assets within our data centers, and we were making great progress, until it came to the BC/DR strategy. A traditional, physical solution was not meeting our needs. ZVR not only met our requirements, it far exceeded our expectations in terms of service levels. We see RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.”