Planning an Application Migration?

All data center migrations, even cloud migrations, are massive projects, consuming time and resources while impacting the productivity of the company. Resources and application availability must be carefully scheduled and planned to try to minimize the inevitable loss in productivity. Executing a migration with Zerto can greatly reduce complexity, helping organizations save hours and money, learn more!

Data Center Migration Challenges:

  • Loss of revenue and productivity
  • Disparate technology at each location
  • Risk of losing data and applications
  • Requires weeks of extensive preparation

Data Center Migration Solutions with Zerto:

  • Migrate between any hypervisor or cloud in minutes
  • Fully Hardware agnostic
  • Complete migration validation and testing

Support for Cloud Application Migrations

Zerto’s support for a heterogeneous environment allows for migrations between different VMware products and types of hardware. You can now safely migrate from a vCenter environment to a vCloud environment or vice versa!

Download this data sheet to learn more about the benefits of Zerto for data center migrations.

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