Simple and Fast Migration to Azure | Zerto

Migrate to Azure in a matter of minutes—with minimal downtime

Datacenter migrations are huge and incredibly complex projects that ask multiple departments to coordinate efforts to minimize downtown. Application availability and resources must be carefully managed to minimize interruptions in productivity. And, most importantly, impact on revenue generation must be fully accounted for.

Zerto’s virtual replication solves these migration challenges—and more. And migration to Azure is simpler and more powerful due to Azures scalability, tools and services. Whether you’re moving specific applications or entire datacenters to Azure, Zerto offers a combination of continuous data protection, non-disruptive testing, and support for heterogeneous environments delivers seamless data center migrations.

Easily Test Before Committing to Your Migration

Migration/failover test features and one-click rollback let you test migrate many times before committing to the migration to Azure.

Stage Migration with No Impact to Production Datacenter

Zerto requires no agents or hardware on your production datacenter. Replicate virtual disks to Azure without production downtime or impact, and complete migration with minimal impact on production.

No Data Loss

Once you’ve synchronized the initial data and VMs to Azure, Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) maintains synchronization between production and Azure continuously until you’ve completed migration.

From Anywhere into Azure

Migrate to Azure from any private datacenter or public clouds with ease, (with Zerto) performing any necessary conversions as replication takes place.

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