Scary DR Stories: Disasters to Scare the IT Out of You | Zerto

Did you hear that noise? It sounded like it came from under the server…

IT professionals are no strangers to the things that go bump in the night, but believe it or not, there are worse things out there than ransomware… Ever hear the story of the snake behind the rack? Or the one about the datacenter that got flooded with sewage? How about the time a rabid squirrel* chewed through a fiber cable?

Say goodbye to a restful night’s sleep because these real-life disaster recovery stories will leave your spine chilled and your hair standing on-end…

We have consulted the oracles and read the portents to unearth the most frightening stories submitted by you, our community. Join Zerto’s Scary DR Stories webinar to hear first-hand recounts of the most terrifying DR events the industry has seen.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not one thing is for certain – these DR stories are the stuff of nightmares!

*DISCLAIMER – The squirrel probably wasn’t rabid, but it sounds scarier…


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