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Recovery is the Cornerstone of Ransomware Resilience

Ransomware Technical White Paper

Ransomware Resilience 101

Today’s businesses must face the reality of ransomware. Experts predict that the ransomware market will balloon to $265 billion by 2031, so your organization can’t afford to operate without a recovery plan.

Fortunately, it’s easy to take the first step toward ransomware resilience. Our white paper outlines everything you need to know to protect your business and establish a recovery plan:

  • Multilayered approach to ransomware resilience
  • Different kinds of recovery
  • Various recovery scenarios to consider
  • Best practices

Understanding the fundamentals of ransomware resilience is the cornerstone of an effective ransomware response strategy.

Download our white paper to begin preparing today! 

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Don't Let Ransomware Hold Your Data Hostage

Data is the world’s most valuable asset. Without it, organizations grind to a halt, bleeding dollars every second they are down—$250,000 an hour, on average.

Cybercriminals know this and create panic to force quick payment. And if an organization doesn’t have a recovery plan in place, they often have no choice but to pay the ransom to reduce service disruption and free locked data. Fortunately, organizations with robust ransomware resilience aren’t forced into this difficult choice.

But not all ransomware resilience frameworks are equal. Read our white paper to learn what systems and recovery methods resonate with experts and continue to prove themselves across industries. Learn what makes NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework effective and which solutions maximize that model. Don’t become another victim to the growing ransomware threat—get our white paper today.