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Business Continuity for Oracle

Protect your Oracle Databases with Zerto

The Oracle database is depended on by 98 percent of the Fortune 500 to support operations that generate revenue, support customers and increase market share. If it is unavailable, productivity is interrupted, customer service is impacted and the corporate brand is damaged. The typical BC/DR solution for Oracle is for a standby database to be used, and tools are used to coordinate the shipping of the logs with many manual steps that a database administrator (DBA) must oversee.

Challenges in BC/DR for Oracle:

  • Protecting databases is challenging due to a high rate of change
  • Many organizations use log shipping as a recovery method, which typically translates to a manual recovery process and higher risk
  • Many VMs to be protected with many terabytes of data

Zerto for Oracle Solutions:

  • Application consistent checkpoints with support for Oracle hot backup mode
  • Reduces costs by replicating and protecting virtual machines only, reducing storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Automated disaster recovery testing

Download this data sheet to learn more about doing BC/DR for Oracle the right way.

“We need to ensure the rapid recovery of our key applications, specifically, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle. Zerto delivers the aggressive service levels we need with the ability to failover to any point in time with a virtual aware solution. ZVR supports the virtual environment while enhancing our investment in virtualization.”


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