On-Premises to Cloud in 3 Steps – No Kidding! - Zerto

Looking to move to cloud? Worried about vendor lock-in? Come and see how simple and fast migrating workloads to the cloud can be – all it takes is three steps!

With the Zerto IT Resilience Platform you can take your disaster recovery to cloud, migrate your on-premises data center to cloud, move your workloads between clouds and back again, all within minutes. Listen in as Steve Blow, Technology Evangelist at Zerto, demonstrates how easy moving to cloud can be.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how Zerto can help you get the most from your cloud strategy 
  • Get another sneak peak at Zerto 7 and its upcoming features
  • See a live migration from on-premises to the cloud with Zerto 7

Watch now and learn how to go from on-premises to cloud in 3 steps!

Watch the webinar “On-Premises to Cloud in 3 Steps – No Kidding!” below: