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Lower RTO, RPO with Zerto

When approaching BC/DR the key factor that companies review are Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The ability to execute service levels in these areas not only saves organizations significant money from data downtime, but can save an organization altogether.

When disaster strikes, IT departments have two primary goals:

  • Quickly recovering at risk date to prevent data loss
  • Returning the organization to normal operations and availability

With Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication solution, organization are able to meet these standards and keep their company intact.

Download this white paper on hypervisor-based replication and learn how to improve your BC/DR strategy.

” We virtualized our environment to better leverage assets within our data centers, and we were making great progress, until it came to the BC/DR strategy. A traditional, physical solution was not meeting our needs. ZVR not only met our requirements, it far exceeded our expectations in terms of service levels. We see RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.”