IDC: The State of Ransomware and Disaster Preparedness: 2022 | Zerto

The demand for data has never been greater and yet the vulnerability and risks to data integrity are escalating with ransomware attacks growing in both severity and scale. Zerto sponsored a recent study by IDC and found that 79% of those surveyed activated a disaster response, 83% experienced data corruption from an attack, and nearly 60% experienced unrecoverable data.*

For organizations facing the potential costly and severe consequences of downtime, striving to be data driven means IT priorities must shift to a cloud-first strategy and continuous data protection (CDP) to achieve more demanding service levels.

In Q1 2022, IDC conducted the study to understand the evolving requirements for ransomware and disaster recovery preparation. Read the whitepaper to see how senior-level business and IT executives across North America and Europe are dealing with emerging challenges.

Learn how IT leaders are approaching:

  • Cloud-first IT strategy and cloud-based disaster recovery
  • Pervasive malware and ransomware attacks requiring them to bolster recovery confidence and meet SLAs 
  • Avoiding unrecoverable data and data-related business disruptions by modernizing their defenses with continuous data protection. 

*“IDC White Paper, sponsored by Zerto, The State of Ransomware and Disaster Preparedness: 2022, May 2022 .