Hitchhiker's Guide to Kubernetes DR - Zerto

Just as space travel transforms the way we understand our universe, Kubernetes is revolutionizing the way we manage and deploy containerized applications. However, it’s not totally safe exploring the unknown! Many organizations are finding this new frontier comes with data protection challenges. While Kubernetes includes some features for high availability, true disaster recovery (DR) requires continuous availability.

Zerto for Kubernetes is the first solution to offer continuous data protection for containerized applications. By using “data protection as code,” DevOps and I&O teams can come together to protect apps from day one of their lifecycle rather than it being an afterthought.

Join Anthony Dutra, Zerto Technical Marketing Engineer, as he explores the dark depths of disaster recovery for Kubernetes. Learn how Zerto’s cloud-native solution enables disaster recovery of K8s applications that is storage-agnostic, API-first, doesn’t rely on legacy technologies, and protects all resources that comprise an application.

Anthony Dutra
Technical Marketing Manager
Anthony Dutra is a Technical Marketing Manager (TME) at Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Company who specializes in solution architecture, designing microservices in the public cloud, and developing web3 (blockchain) applications. For the past decade, Anthony was a trusted technical partner with organizations seeking to modernize their data center or migrate to the cloud.

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