Driving IT Resilience – More Than Disaster Recovery | Zerto

Disaster Recovery is mainly a reactive way to protect your business. It’s a “panic button” approach – something goes wrong and everyone scrambles to get things back up and running, hoping that the solution put in place several years ago actually does what it’s supposed to do because nobody ever did work out how to test it…

IT Resilience on the other hand, now that’s a different kettle of fish. It is very much proactive in nature – it’s about engineering the business, the infrastructure and the services to be adaptable to any situation. DR is certainly a core component of IT Resilience, but is only the beginning.

In this webinar we’ll delve into the world of IT Resilience to discover what it is that truly differentiates it from DR:

  • Freedom to Transform
  • Agile & Accelerated DevOps
  • Point-and-click Application Mobility
  • Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

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Watch the recorded webinar below now: