DR 101: Virtual Infrastructure Migration | Zerto

Preparing for a virtualized infrastructure migration can be daunting, use our checklist to help you plan and execute your migration smoothly! 

This checklist reviews considerations such as:

  • Communication: Maintain clear, and regular communication with everyone.
  • Scoping: Understand what makes up the application. Get rid of the unknowns to ensure nothing breaks.
  • Ownership and permissions: Who owns the server and application and who will test and validate pre and post migration?
  • Priority: Are there other projects in your way?
  • Organization: Checklists and spreadsheets: How are you tracking all of this?
  • Execution: How is the migration happening? How will the servers and data be moved?
  • Contingency: If something goes wrong, how do I back out and reschedule if necessary?
  • Tracking: Prepare for change. Track what changes need to occur on machines, applications, and infrastructure.
  • Data Hygiene: Cleanup the source environment.