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Zerto Ends Hypervisor Vendor Lock-In

Zerto is the first hypervisor-based replication solution to offer enterprise-class cross-hypervisor replication, disaster recovery, data protection and workload mobility. With Zerto, IT departments can automatically convert Hyper-V VMs to VMware, convert VMware VMs to Hyper- V, and convert Hyper-V to AWS for increased flexibility and cost savings. 3 simple clicks is all it takes for automated migrations and recovery across your platforms.

Download this Technical Doc to learn about our approach to disaster recovery and how our cross-hypervisor replication allows you to be flexible and agile with any cloud.


We were using array-based replication and being charged by terabyte. Since we’re always adding more storage, this cost was overwhelming our budget and we weren’t seeing the full benefit of virtualization. With Zerto Virtual Replication not only did we substantially reduce costs in terms of our storage, but we also increased the ROI on our VMware investment. Zerto has everything we need to effectively protect our production workloads – simple DR testing and application consistent recovery.”


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