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Cyber Attack Survival Guide

It’s Time to Attack Your Ransomware Recovery Strategy 

Experiencing a cyberattack is no longer a matter of if—it’s a matter of when. Developing a clear ransomware recovery strategy is your best defense.  

Our free Cyber Attack Survival Kit lays out the plan of attack needed to have a fighting chance against ransomware. This survival guide features essential information, including: 

  • The risks of a cyberattack 
  • How customers use Zerto to recover in seconds 
  • The key to rapid ransomware recovery and effective data backup 

The survival kit also includes a datasheet, a ransomware recovery demo video, a recorded webinar, and a ransomware use case. Without a ransomware response plan, your organization remains vulnerable. Download your Cyber Attack Survival Kit now—it’s free! 

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Ransomware Attacks Don’t Discriminate. They Can Happen to Anyone.

With a 300% increase in attacks last year and an average recovery cost of $1.4 million, ransomware malware is a clear and present danger. That’s why it’s critical for every organization to have a ransomware recovery plan. 

Ransomware recovery is the ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a cyberattack. A successful ransomware response plan requires a shift from merely preventing attacks to being prepared for the eventuality of an effective attack.  

True ransomware recovery means developing a process and culture focused on resilience, not just on prevention.  

An effective ransomware response plan guarantees access to your data, without gaps or data loss, and will have your operation back up and running without delay. This means a shift to continuous data protection that delivers a continuous stream of recovery checkpoints, allowing you to rewind anything from files to entire datacenters—the kind of data protection provided by Zerto. 

Our free Cyber Attack Survival Kit is all you need to guarantee data protection for your organization.  

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