Asta Future-Proofs IT with Zerto | Zerto

Asta is the leading third-party managing agent at Lloyd’s, the world’s leading specialty insurance and reinsurance market. The insurance sector is constantly evolving and changing and the success story of Asta shows how they can respond and adapt to change, but in order to maintain this agility Asta needed a solution that goes above and beyond traditional disaster recovery capabilities.

Find out how Asta decreases risks by removing complexity of managing multiple point solutions; performs regular recovery testing without impacting business operations; and meets recovery SLA’s to ensure minimal data loss and downtime. Asta does this by:

  • Using one product for real-time replication, automation and
    monitoring removing multiple point solutions
  • Completing testing in 5 minutes during production
    hours with zero impact to operations
  • Any point-in-time recovery journaling providing RPOs
    in seconds and RTOs in minutes

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