Comune di Mira Ensure Consistent Protection Despite Infrastructure Constraints | Zerto

Comune di Mira is a municipality of more than 38,000 people within the larger city of Venice. The council employ 150 people across 4 sites to support the Citizenship General Register Office, Local Police Force, Courts & Legal Systems, among other services. With a responsibility to secure so much critical and sensitive data across multiple sites and heterogeneous infrastructures, Comune di Mira needed to find a simple, yet powerful solution that would provide near real-time protection without disrupting their critical operations.


Find out how Zerto was able to provide a simple solution with continuous, agentless replication with no snapshots, and provides RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.

“The ability to test on an isolated network without disruption is key – it gives us more confidence in making changes before rolling them out to production”

– Stefano Minardi, IT Manager, Comune di Mira

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