Cloud 3.0: Delivering Disaster Recovery and Backup in a Cloud-First World | Zerto

“Cloud” has been an IT buzzword for a decade now, but its value, reliability, and scale have made it a critical requirement for all enterprises.

Dive deep with us into best practices and insights on how to successfully move disaster recovery (DR) and backup operations to the cloud with full freedom and data mobility.

Watch now to hear from Andy Fernandez, Product Marketing Manager, and walk away with an understanding of:

  • The modern technological requirements for DR and backup in the cloud
  • The right strategy and evaluation criteria for your organization’s cloud journey
  • How to migrate workloads to the public cloud in a few clicks
  • Executing a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy without vendor lock-in


Andy Fernandez
Product Marketing Manager
Andy Fernandez is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Zerto. With a focus on product marketing and launches, he strives to translate technical innovation to business value.

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