Better Together: Disaster Recovery and Backup Converged | Zerto

Some things really are just better together!

With enhanced continuous data protection and journal-based technology for long-term retention, Zerto brings together Disaster Recovery and Backup to deliver world-class data protection. No more snapshots, burdens on production performance or costly agents and dedicated hardware are needed. With a resilient platform already adept at delivering enterprise-grade disaster recovery, the enhancement of the Zerto journal for long-term retention (LTR) allows you to:

  • Recover across all data, files or VMs from just seconds or from decades ago
  • Automate the recovery process from any point in time
  • Quickly locate files and/or folders for immediate recovery
  • Setup retention policies and use daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycles
  • Maintain application consistency across multiple VMs, using Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), to recover entire applications to the exact same point in time

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