AmesburyTruth Combines Rapid Growth and IT Resilience with Zerto - Zerto

AmesburyTruth is a leading producer of components for residential and commercial window and door manufacturers. AmesburyTruth’s high-growth mode through major acquisitions over the last couple of years has led them to framing and locking down processes for merging data centers, maintaining services and protecting data with an effective and straightforward IT resilience program.

With Zerto, AmesburyTruth has been able to replace their DR site with Azure as part of their cloud first strategy. In addition to leveraging the public cloud, Amesbury has seen a 90 percent reduction in RPO by implementing Zerto.

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“Zerto really saved us while in testing mode when we thought we had a good backup of a particular server. It turns out we didn’t, so we recovered with Zerto and got the settings we needed to restore full operation to the live environment in no time,” Bayer said. “We also managed to reduce our RTO down to 4 hours and our RPO down to seconds.”
Pat Bayer, CIO, AmesburyTruth