5 Reasons to Switch from Commvault to Zerto - Zerto
5 Reasons to Switch from Commvault to Zerto

Are You Using Commvault or Evaluating Commvault against Zerto for DR and Backup?

How does Commvault compare to the Zerto solution? If you are using Commvault or evaluating Commvault against Zerto for DR or backup, did you realize that Zerto is a software-only installation, scaling to your needs and requiring no additional hardware? Commvault requires proxy hardware and added resources, increasing your cost and making its solution less scalable. 

Review the datasheet to learn about the benefits Zerto brings to your DR and backup needs and how it compares to Commvault. 

Get more information on the following: 

  • Granular recovery 
  • Consistent recovery for your applications 
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) 
  • Differences between each solution 

Download the datasheet today. 

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Zerto vs. Commvault – Competitive Comparison

If you’re weighing your options between Zerto and Commvault, consider this: when you need data recovery and backup, you need it now. Zerto’s built-in continuous data protection (CDP) for disaster recovery and backup provides RPOs of seconds and RTOs of just minutes. Commvault, however, relies on periodic snapshots, delivering RPOs of hours and even lengthier RTOs. 

In the event of disaster or threat, you need to quickly and completely recover all the VMs in your organization. Zerto supports per-application consistency across the entire VM stack. As a result, Zerto allows you to quickly recover all VMs to get you back up and running. Commvault, however, only supports per-VM consistency. 

Want to learn more about how Zerto compares to Commvault? Review the datasheet today to learn about the importance of: 

  • CDP, DR, and backup from a software-based solution 
  • Scalability and ease of use  
  • Total cost of ownership in Zerto  

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