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Error: “configuration engine failed to apply” when Upgrading ZVM in VMware Environment

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When running the ZVM installer to upgrade Zerto in a VMware environment, an administrator might see this error message.

Root Cause

There are stale records in the vCenter database.


  1. Failed upgrade (with error configuration engine failed to apply).

  2. Zerto reconfiguration tool fails to validate successfully due to the fact that it cannot communicate with vCenter.


To resolve this issue, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Restart vCenter service - ''VMWare vCenter configuration services'' which will purge all stale records or tasks from the vCenter database.
  2. Login to the ZVM VM and run the Zerto reconfigure tool which will reconnect to the vCenter server. To learn more about the reconfigure process and it's implications, please review the reconfigure wizard KB.