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How To Troubleshoot a ZVM to ZVM Disconnection

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  1. Production and DR ZVM’s are disconnected / no sync is established between the sites.
  2. New VPG button is grayed out and you can’t create new VPGs
  3. Can’t pair new site 


Perform ZVM connectivity tests

Please perform the tests listed in the KB below. If the test pass successfully, continues to the next step.
Versions 8.0 and above
Versions 7.5 and below

NOTE: Starting version 8.0, the ZVM to ZVM connectivity port was changed to 9071(previously it was 9081). If one site is running version 8.0 while the other is running 7.5, 9081 will be used.
If you are experiencing these connectivity issues after upgrading to 8.0, please review this KB.

Two Network Interfaces

Does any of the ZVMs have two NICS? If they do, or if you are unsure, follow the steps below. If they don’t, continue to the next step. 
  1. How to check if the ZVM has two NICs. 
  2. How to check if the right NIC is configured within the Reconfigure Wizard. 

Proxy configuration

If you configured a Proxy within the ZVM, check that it’s properly configured by reviewing KB Setting Up a Proxy With Zerto.

Anti-Virus Software

If there is an Anti-Virus software running on the ZVM, please review KB ZVM and Anti-Virus software for the proper configuration with Zerto. 

Zerto Service Crashing

It is possible that the ZVM service is crashing, and as a result site disconnection is reported. Please review KB How to Troubleshoot ‘Zerto Virtual Manager’ services crash for troubleshooting steps for a crashing Zerto Service.

Collect information for Zerto Support

If the issue persists, please contact Zerto support by opening a case and include the following: 
  1. Screenshots of all the results of tests performed above. 
  2. Confirm nothing was changed or added security-wise. If necessary, involve your networking team and confirm that nothing was changed or added with them (some changes in FWs can cause communication to appear correct and functional, but in the back-end, packets could be altered to an extent it can drop the connection. 
  3. Collect logs for ZVM disconnection as described below. 

How to collect logs for ZVM connectivity issues 

Follow the steps below in order to collect the necessary logs for Zerto support to analyze ZVM connectivity issues. 
  1. Open a case with Zerto support. Only after you opened a case collect the following logs. You will have to run the log collector from each site.
  2. RDP or remote console into the relevant ZVM VM. Open the Zerto Diagnostics Tool. If you can’t find it under the search bar, you may find it under the Zerto installation directory (main root folder). Check KB How to perform ZVM Log Collection with Zerto Virtual Replication for more details.
  3. Choose the first option ‘Collect Zerto logs for use by Zerto SUPPORT’and run through the Wizard and collect the following:
ZVM: Local ZVM
Host: No
Installation: No
Event Viewer: No
Re-IP: No
Hypervisor: Yes

We may also require Wireshark dumps from both ZVMs. Please ask for the support engineer to provide an online repository to upload the dumps.