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Error: Zerto Tools For Linux Warning: “Your Fstab Contains A Direct Path To A Disk And May Cause Issues When Booting In AWS”

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Root Cause

The nomenclature of disk names on the protected site might be different from what is in AWS. 

The protected disk's name is /dev/sda, but when the recovery disk is created, the disk's name will be /dev/xvda.
When AWS tries to mount /dev/sda as per the protected disk's name, the mounting will fail because there isn't any disk with that name.

- Example of bootable fstab:

User-added image

- Example of non-bootable fstab:

User-added image


Validations are done during the execution of Zerto Tools for Linux script to ensure the success of failover.

One such validation warning might appear:


NOTE: The script will not exit and it will continue with other tasks in its code.



1. Before the failover, on the protected VM, the fstab file should be edited for replacing disk location with disk UUID. The “nofail” flag should be added in place of “default”.

2. Wait for the new checkpoint to be generated after the fstab file change, and then try to run the Failover again. If a Move is being done, please simply start the Move after saving the fstab file.

NOTE: A restart, technically, is needed to persist the fstab changes. Since the Failover/Move recovery instance is booted from the start, the changes made above will be applied during the booting process.