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Zerto Tools For Linux Warning: “The Driver {Driver} Is Not Installed On This VM And Cannot Be Found In The Modules List.”

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Root Cause

Each of the following drivers are required and validated at this step of the Zerto Tools for Linux script:

nvme, xen-blkfront, mptbase, mptscsih, mptspi, ena, ixgbevf

If any are missing, the aforementioned warning is seen for each missing driver and Failover/Move of the VM to AWS and can result in a failure.


While executing the Zerto Tools for Linux script, the warning(s) below may be seen and the script will continue forward:

User-added image



For any missing necessary driver, install said driver by:

1] Add the driver name to /etc/dracut.conf file in the "add_drivers" section and save said file.

2] Run dracut -f -v to re-initialize.

3] Attempt the Move operation or wait for a checkpoint with a timestamp from after re-initialization to use for Failover.

NOTE: There is no need to re-run the Zerto Tools for Linux script for this particular validation warning after the above steps are followed.