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Zerto task fails with error: Failed reconfigure cluster domain-cXX

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Root Cause

The cause of this vSphere issue is not known. However, the source of this issue is within vCenter, and the customer must contact VMware Support if a root cause is needed.

To verify the source of the issue, manually create a VM/Host Group and then a VM/Host Rule for the same cluster specified in the error message. If an existing VM cannot be used when creating a test group or rule, then a dummy VM can be created on a host in the same cluster, used for the group or rule creation test, and then deleted.

If either of these manually initiated cluster reconfigure tasks timeout or fail, then the customer can reproduce this behavior for VMware Support so they can assist in root cause analysis.


A Zerto task may attempt to reconfigure a vSphere host cluster as part of the preparation of the cluster for a VM that is controlled by Zerto such as a testing recovery VM, pre-commit VM, or VRA.
The cluster is reconfigured to prevent a Zerto controlled VM from being moved to another host by DRS, or have the disks attached to the VM moved to another datastore by storage DRS.

The Zerto task fails and an error message is displayed in the ZVM GUI:
Failed reconfigure cluster domain-cXX

The following log line is an example of the log line printed to the ZVM logs following the task failure:
CancellationTokenSourceWithException,Cancel,"Task got exception, cancel other tasks","VCenterConnectionLayer.VMBasicsException Void Error(Zerto.Infra.Log.LogLevel, System.Exception, System.String, System.Object[]) VCenterConnectionLayer.VMBasicsException: Failed reconfigure cluster domain-c7 ---> System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out


One successful workaround is to restart the vCenter server that manages the host cluster that failed the cluster reconfigure task. The customer must contact VMware Support if another work around is needed.