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FTN-20201019: Zerto VRA Support for VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols)

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Administrators that use VMware Virtual Volumes backed by some storage vendors must account for the capabilities and limitations of these storage vendors while using these resources with Zerto.

Zerto does not support installing Virtual Replication Appliances (VRAs) on thin provisioned VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) datastores from some storage vendors.

Administrators must also consider the type of provisioned disks for their protected VMs when replicating to thin provisioned vVols datastores. 

Target Audience

Users with Zerto Version 8.0 and later



Some storage arrays, such as PureStorage, do not support thick provisioned volumes on thin provisioned vVols datastores.  Users should familiarize themselves with their storage vendors limitations for the storage that is providing resources for their vVols datastores. For example, additional information from Pure Storage is here.

Zerto VRAs are always installed with thick provisioned volumes.  Installation of a VRA on a vVols thin provisioned datastore will fail since the VRAs disks are installed as thick provisioned. Users should instead install VRAs only on datastores that support thick provisioned VM disks.

Similarly, when creating new Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) or adding new VMs with thick provisioned disks to existing protection groups, the operation will fail if a thin provisioned vVols datastore from these vendors is selected. By default, Zerto will automatically detect the provisioning method of the protected VM’s disks. Users can override Zerto’s default provisioning method in the VPG wizard. If a VM is replicated with thick provisioned disks to a thin provisioned vVols datastore, the user must manually override the default provisioning method of those disks before saving the VPG. If they do not, saving the protection group will fail since the selected thin provisioned vVols datastore cannot accommodate thick provisioned disks. Alternatively, the user should select a datastore that supports thick provisioned VM disks.

Actions to take

Zerto recommends:
  • Users should install VRAs on datastores that support thick provisioned disks.
  • When creating a new Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) or adding new VMs to an existing VPG, the user should either select a non-vVols datastore or change the recovery volumes settings to be thin provisioned for all thick provisioned volumes.