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FTN-20200908: Addition of Access Code to Zerto Virtual Replication Manager

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Zerto has added an access code to the Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM) communication to the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM). Customers that are using ZCM to manage ZVM sites need to update the ZCM access code on their ZVMs after upgrading the ZCM and ZVM to the specified Zerto versions.

Target Audience

Users with Zerto versions 8.0U3 and later using Zerto Cloud Manager to manage Zerto Virtual Manager sites



The ZCM accesses ZVMs that are configured as sites for the following reasons:
  • Viewing and managing multiple ZVM Cloud Sites
  • Viewing consolidated Alerts and Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) from all ZVM Cloud Sites
  • Creating and managing Zerto Organizations (ZORGs) for:
    • Allocating shared resources to a ZORG
    • Configurating ZORG permissions for the Zerto Self Service Portal (ZSSP)
    • Deployment of Zerto Cloud Connectors (ZCCs) for remote customer site connectivity
    • Viewing a ZORG’s VPGs
    • Viewing alerts related to a ZORG
  • Creating and managing Service Profiles
  • Configuring Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for ZVM Cloud Sites
For these actions going from the ZCM to the ZVM, Zerto now requires an access code to establish the connection between each ZVM managed by a ZCM.
The following changes are in the specified version:
  1. When upgrading to the specified version, you need to upgrade the ZCM first. You then upgrade each ZVM to the specified version. You need to obtain the ZCM access code from the newly upgraded ZVM from the Site Settings. This access code needs to be entered in the ZCM Site Properties for each ZVM site.
  2. Each upgraded ZVM is disconnected from the ZCM until the access code is entered in the ZCM Site Properties. Replication and RPOs are unaffected while the ZVM is temporarily disconnected from the ZCM. Only the above configuration items are affected by the temporary disconnection.
  3. Newly deployed ZVMs need the access code entered in the ZCM before ZCM operations can use the ZVM.
  4. User warnings about this change are provided on both ZVM and ZCM upgrades to the affected versions.

Actions to take

Zerto recommends that customers follow the ZCM Administration Guide to update the new access code in the ZCM immediately after upgrading to the specified version. Prompt update of the access code enables the ZCM to continue operations with the managed ZVMs.