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FTN-20190918: Patch (V7.0U2P1) – Disks Were Not Removed After Failover Test, Failover and Rollback and Move and Rollback Operations on Microsoft Azure

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The field notice applies to all customers on affected versions who have VPGs recovering from VMware to Azure’s Standard Unmanaged Disk(s). There is an issue where VMs are deleted after Failover Test (FOT), Failover (FO) and Rollback, and also Move and Rollback operations, but attached disk(s) are not.
The v7.0U2P1 patch will ensure that future FOT, FO and Rollback and Move and Rollback operations to Microsoft Azure will not leave behind blobs.

Target Audience

Users with Versions 7.0, 7.0U1 and 7.0U2



In addition to the v7.0U2P1 patch, Zerto is also providing a new tool called the “zBlobCleaner” that identifies any presently orphaned disk(s).  It will run on a storage account, list the page blobs currently not connected to any VM (orphaned disk(s)) and enable users to select/delete any appropriate blobs.

Actions to take

If you are on an affected version of the ZVR environment, please apply the zBlobCleaner and the patch in the order of your choosing.  Once the orphaned disk(s) are released and the v7.0U2P1 is applied, you will never need to run the tool again. 

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