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Zerto Cloud Connector (ZCC) vMotion Between Hosts

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This article explains the ability to VMotion/migrate a ZCC machine from one host to another in the event that the ZCC needs to be evacuated off of a host.


Due to maintenance, DRS settings, and other needs, administrators may be required to migrate virtual machines from one host to another, including some Zerto components. This article will explain in detail if a cloud connector can be migrated to a new host.  


The Zerto Cloud Connector, or ZCC, can be VMotioned between hosts in an environment. In addition to VMware prerequisites for host VMotioning, the following are also applicable and should be considered by administrators before VMotioning a ZCC:
  1. If the target host has a different CPU or CPU architecture than the source host, VMware may require the VM to be powered off prior to VMotioning. In this case, a guest OS shut down should be initiated on the ZCC. Note that this will effectively create a disconnection between the sites since the appliance will be unable to bridge the connection while it is shut down. If possible, VMotioning to a similar host is preferred.
  2. The target host must have the same access to networks required for this ZCC. This includes all appropriate VLAN tagging on the vSwitch or VDS, as well as any required trunking at the physical layer. If the disconnection is greater than 5 minutes, it is recommended to VMotion the ZCC back to the originating host and investigate the network on the target host of the VMotion.