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How to connect AWS Direct Connect to Zerto

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When considering how to connect your on premise Zerto environment to an AWS Zerto Cloud Appliance, one available option is AWS Direct Connect.

Part of the requirements for replicating from an on premise Zerto environment to an AWS Zerto Cloud appliance is connectivity between the locations. Zerto does not support this connectivity to utilize NAT. Customers have the option to utilize a VPN connection between locations to allow for replication to their Zerto Cloud Appliance. 

Another option that is supported by Zerto is to utilize Amazon's AWS Direct Connect offering. AWS Direct Connect allows for a dedicated network connection between an on premise environment and AWS.


Detailed steps to connect, can be found on AWS's User Guide at the following link:

For more information on AWS Direct Connect, please view the following site:

For additional Zerto requirements when replicating to AWS please refer to our Zerto Enterprise Guidelines for AWS.