Zerto Analytics and Mobile App Troubleshooting

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Online services and the Zerto Mobile Application enhance your overall experience with Zerto and its products, allowing you to monitor your environments anytime, anywhere.
This service requires a valid support contract for the Zerto solution, and for environment data to be sent periodically to Zerto.
Such non-publicly identifiable data includes among other things, Zerto licensing information, Zerto version information, and environment statistics (number of virtual machines, number of replicated virtual machines, number of VPGs, etc.). 

For more information, please see the Zerto Privacy Policy statement here:  http://www.zerto.com/privacy-policy

Where can I find the Analytics system?
The Analytics page can be found at MyZerto or at https://analytics.zerto.com/

Where can I get the Mobile App?
The App is available from both the Google Play and Apple App Store:
Google PlayGet it on iTunes

What OS versions does the mobile app support?

  • Android 4.4 and above
  • IOS 8 and above

How do I log into the Analytics / Mobile App?
To log in, you need to use your "MyZerto" credentials.
If you don’t have a valid MyZerto user, please fill the new user request here:  https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/login-request/

What operations can I perform using the Analytics / Mobile App?
The Analytics / Mobile App is for monitoring purposes only.
Operations (such as Fail Over, Move, Failover Test etc.) are not yet available through the Analytics / App.

1. Make sure the ZVM can access our server by opening a web browser from within the ZVM and navigate to: https://zerto-mobile-data.zerto.com
You should be able to see a "Success!" message, current time stamp and our SaaS logo.
2. Make sure the "Enable Online Services and Zerto Mobile" box is checked in the ZVM Site Settings -> About.
* If you still have login issues/missing data, please contact Zerto Support.

Affected Versions:
5.0 and up.


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