Zerto Cloud Connector (ZCC) Was Deployed and Immediately Entered ‘Orphaned’ Status

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The Zerto Cloud Connector (ZCC) is an optional component that allows for network segregation between management networks at the two sites. Typically, this is used by cloud providers so that the cloud provider's management network and the customer's management network remain segregated. If the networking requirements of the ZCC are not achieved, then it will be deployed in an orphaned status.

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If the ZCC immediately enters an orphaned status, this indicates that the ZVM is unable to communicate with the ZCC over the IP address specified on the 'Cloud Network' NIC settings.  Some possible causes are the following:

  • No default gateway is configured on this NIC.  Note that when deploying a ZCC, only a single default gateway is used by the appliance, and is applied to the 'Organization Network' NIC settings.
  • The IP configuration for this NIC is not valid for the environment.
  • The vSwitch or vDS assigned to the 'Cloud Network' NIC settings is not configured correctly.
  • The uplink assigned to the vSwitch or DVS assigned to the 'Cloud Network' NIC settings does not have proper trunking configured on the physical switch it is attached to.
In terms of troubleshooting to determine where the disconnect might be, it is recommended to check the following:
  • Verify that ping and telnet over TCP port 22 from the cloud ZVM to the 'Cloud Network' NIC are successful.
  • Verify that network layer 2 elements, such as ARP tables, on network equipment between the ZCC and the ZVM are properly configured and up to date.

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