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7.5 Update 3
7.5 Update 2
7.5 Update 1
7.5 Patch 1
8.0 Update 1
8.0 Update 1 Patch 1
8.0 Update 2
8.0 Update 3
8.5 Update 1
8.0 Update 4
8.5 Update 2
7.5 Update 4 Patch 2
8.0 Update 4 Patch 1
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Error: “The Following Permissions are Missing” when Installing or Upgrading AWS ZCA

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An administrator may experience an error regarding IAM Permissions are missing when attempting an upgrade or install of an AWS ZCA at version 7.5 or higher.

Root Cause

This error lists each missing permission from either IAM, EC2, and/or S3 with a comma in between each permission.

This list can also be found in the Zerto Installation Guide for AWS. The list is in JSON format which can be used to create the IAM Role policy to attach to the ZCA.


When attempting to upgrade or install a ZCA in AWS running 7.5 r higher, the following error is presented:

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To resolve this issue, add all permissions listed in your particular error output to the IAM Role that is assigned to the ZCA and try again.

Additionally, ensure the IAM Role assigned to the ZCA is of a Managed Policy type, not Inline Policy.