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Problem: For a recovery VM with the OS of Windows Server 2012, not all disks are presented in Disk Management.

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Root Cause

The cause is that the protected VM has multiple SCSI controllers.
The first controller is created in the "LSI Logic SAS" type. The rest controllers are created in the "LSI Logic Parallel" type.
Starting from Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft no longer ships the inbox LSI Logic Parallel driver.
As a reference, you can also view (please note that this is an official VMware article and is not related to Zerto).


  • The protection is from Hyper-V to VMware.
  • The protected VM's guest OS is Windows Server 2012.
  • The recovery VM has the same number of virtual disks in VM settings as the protected VM.
  • Inside the recovery VM's guest OS, not all disks are presented in "Disk Management".


There are two solutions depending on how many disks the protected VM has:

Solution 1:
If the protected VM has less than 15 disks, please change all disks to one single SCSI controller and protect the VM again with Zerto.            

  1. Remove the VM from its VPG or remove the VPG if it contains only one VM, with keeping recovery disks;
  2. Shutdown the protected VM;
  3. Put all protected disks to a single SCSI controller 0;
  4. Power on the protected VM;
  5. Add the VM back to the VPG or recreate the VPG, with the option of preseeded volume.
Solution 2:
Upon failover/move, please manually change the SCSI type of the recovery VMs controllers to be "LSI Logic SAS".

  1. Initiate Failover or Move and wait for the recovery VM to be created;
  2. Shut down the recovery VM;
  3. Edit the VM settings for the recovery VM in vCenter;
  4. Change all SCSI controllers whose type is "LSI Logic Parallel" to be "LSI Logic SAS";
  5. Power on the recovery VM and verify the appearance of the disks in the guest OS.
       Note: If you would like to change the controller type before the recovery VM is powered on for the first time, please define a boot delay in the VPG settings.