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Problem with Pre-seed Volume Not Listed on the ZVM When Replicating to VCD

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This article describes a scenario when volumes are not listed as available preseed option when creating or editing a VPG.

Root Cause

The Datastore is not added to the ZVM on the Datastore "Provider Configuration window" correctly and it is not configured to be used by the ZVM for pre-seed disks.


The Datastore is checked on the Datastore Configuration as a provider.
Even with "Unlisted datastore can be used for all purposes", the ZVM does not allow the disks to be used for pre-seed (volume are not listed on the ZVM Create/Edit VPG wizard) 



From the ZVM on the Site settings:
Accessed from Site Settings > Cloud Settings tab > Datastore Configuration area

In the Provider vDCs area (top), click Add.
And Configure Provider > "Provider Datastore" you will specifically need to select the "pre-seed" possibility to that datastore from the available options: [recovery volume], [journal] and [preseed].

For more information, please review our Zerto Cloud Manager Guide