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Why can’t I select a VM for replication


An administrator may encounter a situation where a VM cannot be included in a VPG for replication. This will cause the VM to not appear in the window to select VMs to add to a VPG.


A VM is not displayed in the list of unprotected VMs that can be included in a VPG in the following situations:

  • The VM is already protected by Zerto - A VM can be protected by Zerto only once (in one VPG) - if the VM is already protected within an existing VPG it couldn't be selected for replication.

To check if the VM is currently protected please click on the VM in vSphere client, then on Zerto tab - If the VM is already protected, Zerto user interface will display the protecting VPG tab.

  • There is no VRA installed on the host holding this VM or┬áthere is an issue with the installed VRA.

To check the VRA status, navigate to the VRAs tab and confirm that there is a VRA installed on that host, that there are no issues with it and that the VRA configuration is set up correctly.

  • The VM has no disks attached to it, therefore Zerto has nothing to protect.
  • The VM has volume(s) without an existing datastore.
  • The VM is a crucial component for Zerto to work. These include: Failover test VM (testing recovery VM), Zerto Cloud Connector/ZCC, VRA VM, VRAH (helper) VM, VCD VM.
  • The VM has duplicated MAC addresses for NICs
  • The VM has Network adapter without VLAN attached.

In a vSphere environment:

  • The VM has an IDE disk attached - Zerto Virtual Replication does not support replicating VMs with IDE devices in vSphere.
  • The VM has a virtual NVMe disk attached -┬áZerto Virtual Replication does not support replicating VMs with virtual NVMe devices in vSphere.

To protect the VM, convert the IDE disk to SCSI. See VMware KB 1016192 for instructions:

  • The VM has RDM attached to a BusLogic SCSI controller.
  • VM with SATA controller
  • NiCs attached to the VM with identical MAC address.

In a Hyper-V environment:

  • VMs that are part of Hyper-V Replica. This feature creates duplicates of VMs which are problematic for Zerto to track. In order to disable Hyper-V Replica for VMs you wish to protect, please right click them and select 'Remove replication'.
  • VMs that have pass-through disks attached to them. This is similar to RDM in VC. However, Zerto does not support replication of such disks.
  • VMs with shared VHDX disks.

If none of the options above is the case here, please contact Zerto support and provide the following information:

  • Screenshot of the VM tab (click on the VM in vSphere client, then on Zerto tab).
  • VRA tab screenshot.
  • Zerto alerts and events csv files.
  • The VM settings (VM properties screenshot / VMX file / MOB screenshot).