Where Should I Look for Errors and Alerts?

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When presented with an alert in the Zerto Virtual Replication GUI, an Administrator may want additional information.  

In order to obtain more detailed information on alerts, an Administrator may look in the following areas:
  • [Zerto] VPG Summary screens
Specifics on the VPG status and any associated sync triggers are available on this screen.
  • [Zerto] Manage VRAs screen
VRA status is available on this screen.
  • [Zerto] Reports tab > Alerts
Zerto Virtual Replication alerts are available on this screen, organized by site and entity.
  • Under vCenter,  Tasks & Events tab in the vSphere Client
When Zerto Virtual Replication performs a task, it is registered in vCenter.  What is visible in the Zerto Virtual Replication GUI can be augmented with more detailed information by looking at this screen.

Affected Versions:
All Versions.

All Hypervisors.

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