When using Microsoft Azure, recovery Instance Type that does not support the number of NICs of the protected VM will fail Recovery operations

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In Azure, different instance types support different amounts of NICs on a VM. If a user protects a VM with a number of NICs that will not be supported in the Recovery instance type it is replicating to, during a recovery operation, Azure will not allow the VM to be created and the operation will fail, with a "Failed to create VM" error message. 

An attempt to Failover a VM with a number of NICs that is greater than what the Recovery Instance type allows. 

For more info on multiple NICs in Azure see - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/multiple-vm-nics-and-network-virtual-appliances-in-azure/ 

From the mentioned Microsoft article - The amount of NICs supported in various instance types:

Large (A3) and A6: 2 
ExtraLarge (A4) and A7: 4 
A9: 2 
D3: 4 
D4: 8 
D13: 8 


If the protected VM has more than a single NIC, make sure it is replicating to a Recovery Instance Type that supports the amount of NICs on your VM. 

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