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Error: “The {journal} journal for VM {vm_name} in VPG {vpg_name} has reached {x}”

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An administrator may come across an alert regarding the journal warning threshold being exceeded and requires further information on the alert and how to clear it.

Root Cause

When creating/editing a VPG, there's a journal size warning threshold value that can be set by size(GB), percentage, or unlimited.

When the journal size will reach this threshold, an alert will appear in the ZVM GUI notifying you that the journal size has reached this threshold.

This alert simply notifies the administrator that the journal size has surpassed the warning and now approaching the hard size limit.


The below alert will be displayed in the Zerto GUI:

The {journal} journal for VM {vm_name} in VPG {vpg_name} has reached {x}

Replication should continue forward as normal.


To clear the alert:

  1. Increase Journal Warning Threshold via Edit VPG -> Replication -> VM Settings.

  2. Click Done.

To determine the cause of why the threshold was crossed:

  1. Check with application owner of suspect VM to determine sudden increase of change data.

  2. Utilize Planner in Analytics if #1 did not provide any evidence into a potential increased workload/if the warning threshold was too low to begin with.

  3. If no change in application change rate and Planner reports back similar numbers, kindly collect a log bundle and engage Zerto Support for further assistance.