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VRA0040 – The Journal For VM In VPG Has Reached Its Warning Threshold [Journal Size Warning Threshold]

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Root Cause

When creating/editing a VPG, there's a journal size warning threshold value that can be set by size(GB), percentage, or unlimited.

When the journal size will reach this threshold, an alert will appear in the ZVM GUI notifying you that the journal size has reached this threshold.


An alert will be displayed in the Zerto GUI, it will be in the following template:

The {journal} journal for VM {vm_name} in VPG {vpg_name} has reached {x}.


Workaround to suppress alert:

1] Increase Journal Warning Threshold via Edit VPG -> Replication -> Advanced Journal Settings.


1] Check with application owner of suspect VM to determine sudden increase of change data.

2] If no change in application change rate, this could be an issue with Apply process which removes old checkpoints from Journal and "applies" to recovery disk to make room for new checkpoints. Further investigation would be required to rule out this particular issue.