VRA Installation on Hyper-V Reaches 33-34% Then Fails

KB Number:

During installation of VRA on a Hyper-V host, you may see failure at 33-34%.

A probable cause if running Zerto version 4.0U0 or 4.0U1 is that the directory 'C:\temp' is missing on the Hyper-V host.
In these versions our code looks for this directory and fails installation of VRA is this directory is missing.


Manually create the directory 'C:\temp' on the Hyper-V host and install VRA again.
You may be prompted to add additional directories if those are missing as well, in accordance with any errors that may follow.
This behavior is fixed in Zerto version 4.0U2.
Should you still encounter it at this version, consider an intermittent connectivity issue to the host or contact Zerto support for further assistance.

Affected Versions:
4.0U0, 4.0U1


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