VRA Installation Fails When Selecting a VDS Network

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In some cases, a VRA installation will fail when selecting a VDS network. 

An error will be received such as the following: "The VRA cannot be installed from the OVF due to an incompatible environment. Try to manually deploy an OVF to determine the problem."

Typically this error is caused by not all Hosts in the cluster upon which the VRA is being installed being added to the distributed switch containing the VDS network.  This is similar to the issue described in the following VMware KB article: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2004892.  In this scenario, we would expect any OVF deployment to fail to this same Host when selecting the same VDS network.


The following workaround will allow the VRA to be deployed to a VDS network when it fails with the OVF deployment error:

1. Deploy the VRA on the Host using this Standard Switch network. Assign the Static IP information that you wish to use on your VDS network later.
Alternatively, use an existing Standard Switch network  on the Host
Note: This temporary Standard Switch network does not need to be connected to any network adapters or routable in any way. 

2.  After the VRA is deployed, edit the VRA VM settings in vCenter and switch the network to the desired VDS network under the network adapter properties.

3.  Verify that the VRA now is able to connect to the ZVM

Affected Versions:
All versions


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